Chapter Seventeen: 1999–2000 299
The Quad 500
The number of STARS (Student Technology AdvisoRS) increased to forty.
Under the direction of Andrea Ellis and funded by an anonymous grant, they
were enlisted to educate faculty in the use of technology. Since their mod-
est beginning when the Plan for the Class of 2000 was put in place, STARS had
helped sixty-six faculty in twenty-seven departments, including some in Medical
and Law Schools.
The student-initiated Brian Piccolo cancer drive turned twenty and by fall
1999 had raised over $435,000 to support cancer research and treatment through
Wake Forest’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. In another act of giving, seniors Karen
Stephan Borchert and Jessica Jackson Shortall created Homerun to provide home-
cooked meals for the sick and needy. In 2006, they would partner with DC Central
Kitchen to form Campus Kitchens at thirty-three universities nationwide.
Junior Dan Durand and seniors Kevin Woods and Jacob Kline won the Inter-
national Mathematical Contest in Modeling. They competed against approximately
four hundred teams representing several countries. Over four days in February, they
were closeted together to draft a forty-page solution to an open-ended, real-world
math problem. To celebrate the victory, the Math Club rolled the Quad.
Jessica Esther Posner, a junior history major with a minor in Latin American
studies, was one of sixty-one students awarded a 2000 Truman Scholarship. She
planned to seek a master’s degree in public health with a focus on women’s reproduc-
tive health.
A junior, Ann Marie Collins, was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis in early
October and treated at the medical center. Those who had close contact with her were
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