300 The History of Wake Forest
urged to visit health services to receive a single tablet of Ciprofloxacin, also known as
Cipro. Approximately 150 students responded. Collins recovered.
Theta Chi, Sigma Chi, and Kappa Kappa Gamma received special recognition
plaques for fundraising in support of the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) program
in a ceremony organized by University Police. Drew Fletcher, former President of
Theta Chi, received an individual award for his role in planning the event, conceived
by Patrol Officer Thomas Slater. The money was used to sponsor the free participa-
tion of forty-four women in, and to achieve full accreditation of, the program.
Kappa Sigma returned to campus after a two-year suspension.
Facilities, Finances, and Alumni
The opening of East Hall (later Greene Hall), slated for July 23, was delayed by a faulty
first-floor concrete pour that had to be redone. Claudia Thomas Kairoff coordinated
the effort to find space for 180 classes until the first week of October. Her  biggest chal-
lenge was Romance Languages: eighty-three of its classes met five days a week. At the
same time, several classrooms in Tribble Hall were upgraded to include multimedia
presentations. Emergency power capability was upgraded in Reynolda and Winston
halls, too.
The two-story addition to Wingate Hall was completed in late July and became
the main entrance to the Divinity School, while Kitchin Residence Hall’s lower level
was renovated from the Student Health Center to the Office of Campus Ministry. With
the installation of new fire alarms and smoke detectors in Collins, Kitchin, Palmer,
and Piccolo residence halls, the three-year plan to upgrade fire alarm protection
Pan Geos
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