Chapter Eighteen: 2000–2001 313
President-Elect of the society,
hosted the event. The Depart-
ment of Music, represented by
Stewart Carter, in conjunction
with the Historic Brass Society,
hosted the seventeenth annual
Early Brass Festival from June 29
to July 1 in Brendle Recital Hall.
College faculty voted to
switch from the academic credit
system to an hours system. Stu-
dents who entered the Uni-
versity in fall 2001 would earn
hours instead of credits for their
coursework. In general, a class
that met three hours per week
would be worth three hours
toward the 112 hours required
for graduation. In the 1970s, the
University briefly experimented
with a schedule that included a
January term, necessitating the
use of credits, and after abandon-
ing it never switched back to its previous hours’ system. To ease the transition, both
systems would run concurrently for up to six years.
Wayne Silver (Biology) directed the new neuroscience minor, first offered in
the fall semester. A twenty-hour minor in health policy and administration was also
Wake Forest University Press celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in March
during the annual Irish Festival. The major publisher of contemporary Irish poetry
in North America was still one of the smallest university presses in the country. Presi-
dent Hearn commemorated the tenth anniversary of the Tokai–Wake Forest under-
graduate exchange program in a November 25 letter to Tatsuro Matsumae, President
of the Tokai University Educational System.
The Department of English named its faculty lounge after esteemed poet A.R.
Ammons (’49), who died February 25 in Ithaca, New York. He won the National
Book Award for Poetry in 1973 and 1993. He visited Wake Forest on several occa-
sions to read and to teach classes.
The Women’s Studies Library opened on September 5. Four years in the making,
it was located in C113 Tribble Hall and housed 450 books, seventy compact discs,
and twenty-five videos.
Administration and Staff
In an August 23 letter, President Hearn responded to Claudia Thomas, Chair of the
Committee to Implement the Report on the Status of Women. He enlisted Ralph
Margaret Thatcher
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