Chapter Nineteen: 2001–2002 333
in the Neals Place development in
Wake Forest and Virginia Tech
announced a plan to establish a joint
School of Biomedical Engineering
and Sciences (SBES) in October. The
aim was to maximize collaboration
among researchers and educators in
biology, engineering, and medicine,
and to advance fundamental discov-
eries leading to improved healthcare
technologies. In support, the School
of Medicine established a Center for
Biomedical Engineering with par-
ticipation by thirteen departments,
which put up $1.5 million to launch
the SBES. This center administered
the program at Wake Forest, while Virginia Tech already had a parallel center.
The School of Medicine also established the Maya Angelou Research Center
on Minority Health to develop methods to close the health gap between minori-
ties and other Americans. The University sought a $20 million endowment for its
In the Political Science Department, Jack Fleer and Dick Sears retired. Both came
to the University in 1964. Fleer was department chair from 1969 to 1977 and from 1985
to 1997, and he directed the Boys’ State summer program, sponsored by the Ameri-
can Legion, on the Wake Forest campus from 1965 to 1977. Sears was instrumental
in gaining a $500,000 grant from the Pew Memorial Trust to start the international
studies program, which he directed until 1999. He was awarded the Donald O. Schoon-
maker Faculty Award for Community Service during the 2001 Opening Convocation.
In a reflective speech covering politics and the life
of the mind, world-renowned presidential historian
and journalist Doris Kearns Goodwin delivered the
Founders’ Day Convocation address on February 21.
The Tie That Binds switched its emphasis
from the Republic of Georgia and instead trav-
eled to Eagle Butte, South Dakota, to work with the
Cheyenne River Reservation’s Youth Project from
May 12 to May 25. Faculty advisor Ulrike Wiethaus
(Humanities) accompanied the eleven students on
the trip.
Minors in Japanese and Chinese were offered
by the Asian Studies Department. The Department
of Music established two different majors: Music
Performance, and Music in the Liberal Arts. The lat-
ter encompasses music history, music theory, com-
position, and conducting.
Logo for School of Biomedical Engineering
Jack Fleer and Dick Sears
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