Transitions, Field Hockey, a Centennial,
and Remembrance
My father loved to quote these familiar lines [from Phillips Brooks]:
Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men [and women]! Do not pray for
tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks.
I offer that benediction to you as you leave these halls to enter your varied fields of
Thomas K. Hearn Jr., May 19, 2003;
Charge to the Graduates, Wake Forest University Commencement
n July 1, Bill Gordon (’68, MA ’70) returned to Wake Forest to become
its Provost. A of Rome, Georgia, he entered Wake Forest as an under-
in 1964 on a baseball scholarship but an injury forced him to pur-
sue other interests. He did so with passion, becoming business manager of the Old
Gold and Black and Student Government treasurer. He stayed on an extra two years
to earn a master’s degree in psychology and then earned his PhD in experimental
psychology at Rutgers University. He taught for five years at the State University of
New York at Binghamton and joined the University of New Mexico faculty in 1978.
He served as Chair of the Psychology Department, Dean, and Provost before being
named President in 1999. He returned to Wake Forest highly regarded for his com-
mitment to the teacher-scholar ideal and the liberal arts tradition. He was an excel-
lent fit, and his organizational abilities and skills at writing and public speaking won
praise and admiration on campus and off.
The campus was also excited when the field hockey team won a national cham-
pionship under Head Coach Jennifer Averill. The Deacons defeated Penn State 2–0
in the first national championship for a Deacon athletic team since men’s golf in
1986 and the first national championship for a women’s team. Averill, who began
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