Chapter Twenty-One: 2003–2004 373
published by Judson Press.
It traced significant aspects
of the Baptist movement
from the seventeenth to the
twentieth century.
Jack Rejeski (Health
and Exercise Science)
edited a special supplement
on preventing disability in
older adults in the October
2003 issue of the American
Journal of Preventive Medi-
cine. In an article published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication,
Ananda Mitra (Communication) proposed that blogs had changed the way we con-
sider space, time, and voice and that blogging gave a voice to a previously excluded
element of society.
Miles Silman (Biology) and collaborators at Florida Institute of Technology
documented climate change and changes in forest composition over the past 48,000
years in one of the world’s biodiversity hot spots, the eastern slope of the Peruvian
Andes. It was the first continuous record of Andean climate change.
Barry Maine (English) was named Director of Interdisciplinary Honors, suc-
ceeding James Barefield (History), who retired in the spring of 2004. Maine joined
the faculty in 1981 and chaired English from 1987 to 1996. George Graham became
the University’s first A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy. His special interest was in
mental health. Noted scholar Sidney A. Shapiro, an expert in administrative law and
regulatory policy, was hired as University Distinguished Chair in Law.
The Calloway School of Business and Accountancy named six faculty mem-
bers Calloway School Entrepreneurship Fellows for the academic year: Sheri
Bridges (Business); Jonathan Duchac (Accountancy); Paul Juras (Accountancy);
William Marcum (Finance); Annette Ranft (Strategic Management); and Julie
Wayne (Business). The fellowships allowed them to develop curricula tailored
to the needs of liberal arts students who aspired to careers as entrepreneurs.
Two T.B. Rose Fellowships were awarded to James Cotter and Page West. Bruce
Lewis was awarded the Cooper Family Fellowship in Information Systems. At
an annual awards ceremony in the spring,
Cotter received the Undergraduate Student
Teaching Award, and Lee Knight, named
Hylton Professor of Accountancy earlier,
received the Graduate Student Teaching
Award. According to a study in the journal
Advances in Accounting, she was one of the
most prolific researchers in her field, cred-
ited with forty-three articles since earn-
ing her doctorate in 1981. Dale Martin
(Accountancy) received the Horace Kelly
Alumni Teaching Award; Duchac received
David Finn
Cindy Gendrich
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