Chapter Twenty-Two: 2004–2005 389
On January 21, after a ten-month
national search, the Board of Trust-
ees elected Nathan O. Hatch, Provost
of the University of Notre Dame,
thirteenth President of Wake For-
est beginning July 1, 2005. Hatch, a
fifty-eight-year-old Presbyterian and
native of Columbia, South Carolina,
was Andrew V. Tackes Professor of
History at Notre Dame and one of the
most influential scholars in the his-
tory of religion in the United States.
Besides his academic and adminis-
trative experience, he had extensive
experience in strategic planning and
strengthening undergraduate, gradu-
ate, and professional education.
A presidential transition com-
mittee composed of faculty, staff,
students, trustees, alumni, and par-
ents met for the first time on Janu-
ary 27. It was to advise on various
aspects of the transition, including
Hatch’s early activities with the cam-
pus community and such events as
the inauguration in the fall. It was
chaired by K. Wayne Smith, a Trustee
who served on the presidential search committee. The Vice Chairs were Trustee Jea-
nette Hyde of Raleigh and Ed Wilson. Twelve faculty members, representing the
undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, included Chet Miller (Babcock),
Gordon McCray (Calloway), Douglass Bailey (Divinity), Charles P. Rose Jr. (Law),
Judy Brunso-Bechtold (Neurobiology and Anatomy), Michele Gillespie (History),
Katy Harriger (Political Science), Harry Titus (Art), Win-Chiat Lee (Philosophy),
Barry Maine (English), Rick Matthews (Physics), and Gloria Muday (Biology). Muday
was President of the University Senate, and Titus President-Elect. The two students
were senior Jamie Dean, student member of the Board of Trustees, who also served
on the presidential search committee, and Kamieka Hairston, an MBA student. Also
on the committee were Nancy Kuhn of Washington, D.C., representing the College
Alumni Council; Matt and Llew Ann King of Brentwood, Tennessee, representing the
Parents Council; and Barbara Walker, Senior Associate Athletic Director, representing
the administrative staff.
The Reynolda Campus welcomed fifty-four new faculty members during 2004–2005.
Forty-six joined the College of Arts and Sciences; six, the School of Law; and two, the
Calloway School of Business and Accountancy.
President Hearn held up a stuffed dog
symbolizing the Honoring the Promise
achievement of its goal of $600 million
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