Chapter Twenty-Two: 2004–2005 391
Modern Treasure Tale (Alliance
Books). Dan Locklair (Music)
released a new CD, Chamber
In the Sociology Depart-
ment, Charles Longino Jr.,
Director of the Reynolda Cam-
pus Gerontology Program, was
elected President of the Geron-
tological Society of America,
the oldest and largest national
multidisciplinary organization
devoted to the advancement
of gerontological research. He
was past President of the Asso-
ciation for Gerontology in Higher Education and the Southern Gerontological Soci-
ety as well as Editor of the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences at the time of his
election. Ian Taplin and Saylor Breckenridge documented the rapid growth of retail
wineries and commercial wine production in North Carolina, and their study was
published in the book series Research in the Sociology of Work.
Daniel B. Kim-Shapiro (Physics) was awarded a five-year, $518,400 Independent
Scientist Career Development Award (K02) by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood
Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for his project, “Nitrite
and Nitric Oxide in Sickle Cell Blood.”
Mary Lynn Redmond (Education), Director of Foreign Language Education,
helped high school students at a foreign language camp June 13–16 to develop French
and Spanish language skills.
Sam Gladding (Counseling) was named to the Hall of Fame of the University of
Alabama at Birmingham’s counselor education program. Gladding, the first person
to receive this honor, taught at UAB from 1984 to 1990.
Ananda Mitra (Communication) became the first Director of the Survey
Research Center after serving as interim director since its establishment in Septem-
ber 2003. The center was founded on the recommendation of an intercampus task
force led by Sally Shumaker, Professor of Social Sciences and Health Policy at the
medical school and Director of
the Office of Intercampus and
Community Program Develop-
ment. It assisted faculty research
by moderating focus groups,
designing questionnaires, sam-
pling, computer-aided telephone
interviewing, mail data collec-
tion, web-based data collection,
and data analysis.
The Arthritis Foundation
named Wake Forest University’s
Chuck Longino
Daniel B. Kim-Shapiro
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