Epilogue 411
The end of the era came with Tom Hearn’s retirement in 2005 and his death
three years later. He was direct about his funeral plans. Doug Bailey (Divinity), Bill
Leonard (Divinity), and Weston Hatfield (Trustee and friend) were all with Laura
Hearn a few days before the President died on August 18 and would all speak at his
funeral.  On the day of his death, he was surrounded by Laura; his three children,
Thomas, Lindsay, and Will; and his step-daughter, Forrest. Ironically, serendipi-
tously, and some would say appropriately, the former President’s memorial service
was held August 22, 2008, in Wait Chapel on Hearn Plaza only hours after the incom-
ing freshman class had been welcomed in the same venue. The President Emeritus
was seventy-one years old, but his legacy is timeless. As University of North Carolina
President Emeritus William Friday said, “I believe Tom Hearn was one of a very few
university presidents who really made a difference in the last decade of the twentieth
President Hearn’s name being added to the list of Wake Forest Presidents
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