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Names: Gladding, Samuel T., author.
Title: History of Wake Forest University Volume 6 / Samuel Templeman Gladding.
Description: First hardcover original edition. | Winston-Salem [North Carolina]:
Library Partners Press, 2016. | Includes index.
Identifiers: ISBN 978-1-61846-013-4. | LCCN 201591616.
Subjects: LCSH: Wake Forest University–History–United States. |
Hearn, Thomas K. |
Wake Forest University–Presidents–Biography. |
Education, Higher–North Carolina–Winston-Salem. |.
Classification: LCC LD5721.W523. |
First Edition
Copyright © 2016 by Samuel Templeman Gladding
Book jacket photography courtesy of Ken Bennett, Wake Forest University Photographer
ISBN 978-1-61846-013-4 | LCCN 201591616
All rights reserved,
including the right of reproduction,
in whole or in part, in any form.
Produced and Distributed By:
Library Partners Press
ZSR Library
Wake Forest University
1834 Wake Forest Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106
Manufactured in the United States of America
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