566 The History of Wake Forest
Emily Crandall Shaw (’45), wife of Professor of Journalism Bynum G. Shaw (’51),
died May 10. She was sixty-one.
Emily Lincoln, secretary in the Politics Department, died July 18.
Robert L. Sullivan, Professor of Biology, died November 5. He was fifty-eight.
K.A.N. Luther, Associate Professor at the Babcock Graduate School of Management,
died on December 27 at the age of forty-one. He had recently been named Direc-
tor of the Flow Institute for Pacific Rim Management.
James C. McDonald, a member of the Biology Department since 1960, and its chair
from 1971 to 1975, died July 1.
Owen F. Herring (’13, MA ’14), Professor Emeritus of Religion, died January 23.
He was ninety-four. He was a recipient of the Medallion of Merit Award in 1981.
The Religion Department also dedicated the Owen F. Herring Seminar Room in
Wingate Hall to Owen on his 92nd birthday.
A.C. Reid, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at Wake Forest University
for forty-six years, died on March 19. He was ninety-three years old. He received
the University Medallion of Merit (1979), and in 1960 friends and former stu-
dents established the A.C. Reid Philosophy Fund.
Saguiv A. Hadari, a former Assistant Professor of Politics from 1983 to 1987, died
on June 27 at the age of thirty-two. He was the 1986 recipient of the Reid-Doyle
Prize for Excellence in Teaching.
Jim Leighton, the Men’s Tennis Coach for more than twenty years, died September
10. He had retired in 1984. His record at Wake Forest was 267–169–2.
Harold Hayes (’48), former editor of Esquire magazine, died on April 5. He was
sixty-two. During commencement in May, the University awarded posthu-
mously an honorary doctor of letters degree to Hayes.
Graham Martin (’32) died on March 23. He helped Wake Forest acquire the Artom
House on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, which established the basis for the
International Studies Program.
Lowell Tillett, Professor of History and a Soviet Union specialist, died on December
31. He taught at Wake Forest from 1956 to 1978.
Joseph Branch (’38), five-term Trustee, two-time Chair of the Board of Trust-
ees (1970–1971, 1986–1987), and recipient of numerous Wake Forest honors
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