Appendix B: Deaths of Faculty, Staff, Trustees, and Close Friends of Wake Forest 569
Robert E. Lee, an Emeritus Law Professor and Dean of the Law School, died August
21. Lee taught at the law school for over thirty years.
Horace O. Kelly Jr., an Assistant Dean of the Calloway School of Business and
Accountancy, died on February 6. He was fifty-seven years old.
Chris Reed, an Assistant Strength Coach in the Athletic Department, died after a
sudden illness on February 25. He was twenty-eight years old.
Grace O’Neil, manager of the Magnolia Room and for Wake Forest banquets, died
unexpectedly of a heart attack on March 16 at age sixty-one. A memorial service
for her was held in Davis Chapel on March 20, with President Hearn as one of
the chief participants. The Chapel was filled to capacity with friends and staff.
On December 2, a tree was planted and dedicated in her honor to the left front
of Tribble Hall.
Ivey C. Gentry (’40) died on February 14 in Winston-Salem. He was Professor
(1949–1989) and former Department Chair of the Department of Mathematics
for twenty-five years. He was a recipient of the Medallion of Merit, the Univer-
sity’s highest honor, in 1997.
Jane Cottle Joyner, wife of G. William Joyner Jr. (’66), former Vice President for
University Relations, died unexpectedly on October 22.
Phillippe Falkenberg, a Professor Emeritus of Psychology, died June 6. He retired in
1997 after twenty-eight years of service to Wake Forest.
Walter Flory, Professor Emeritus of Biology, died on June 8th. Flory was the Babcock
Professor of Botany before retiring in 1980. He also was Director of Reynolda
Gardens from 1964 to 1976.
J. Glen Blackburn, the Chaplain at the College from 1948 to 1958 and pastor of the
Wake Forest Baptist Church on both the old and new campuses, died at age
eighty-five on October 4.
Wayne Calloway, Chair of the WFU Board of Trustees from 1986 to 1996 and CEO
of PepsiCo, Inc., died at age sixty-two. Hearn called him “one of the pivotal lead-
ers in the modern history of Wake Forest.” He served as tri-chair of the Heritage
and Promise Campaign that raised more than $177 million and received the
University’s highest honor, the Medallion of Merit, in 1986. The University’s
undergraduate business and accountancy school was named the Wayne Calloway
School of Business and Accountancy in his honor in 1995.
Clarence H. Patrick, who started Wake Forest’s Sociology Department in 1948 and
later became a well-known authority on criminology, died March 17.
Dana Johnson, former Dean of the Calloway School from 1992 to 1996, died of
cancer February 18. She was forty-nine years old.
Stacy Cox, a former Assistant Coach with the women’s basketball team, was killed in
a car accident on November 8.
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