570 The History of Wake Forest
Royce Raymond Weatherly, Superintendent of Buildings at Wake Forest from 1947
to 1981, died on February 23. Weatherly and his family lived for twenty-five
years in the original farm house that was given to the University in the 1940s,
which was later remodeled to house the WFDD radio station. The house became
known as the “Weatherly House.”
John F. Dimmick, who taught for more than nineteen years in the Department of
Biology, died on September 26.
Thomas Olive, Professor Emeritus of Biology, died September 14.
David Broyles, a retired Professor of Politics, died August 22, 2000.
W. Boyd Owen (’38, MD ’40), a Trustee since 1954, a Life Trustee since 1991. Owen
died August 20, at the age of eighty-two.
William Gray Starling (’57), Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, died on June
18, at age sixty-five. Starling had served Wake Forest for forty-three years since
being appointed to his first position in the Office of Admissions in 1958. Under
Starling, more than 30,000 students were admitted to the University.
Bynum Shaw (’48) long-time Professor of Journalism (1965–1993) and author of the
fourth volume of the University’s history, died on August 27 at age seventy-eight.
Archie R. Ammons (’49), a former visiting Assistant Professor of English and a
renowned poet, died February 25.
Robert S. Carlson, first Dean of the Babcock Graduate School of Management, died
October 6 following a traffic accident in Hin Hua, Thialand. He was sixty-eight.
Germaine Brée, Kenan Professor Emerita of Humanities, died September 22 at the
age of ninety-three. Brée was an international authority on 20th-century French
literature, taught at Wake Forest from 1973 to 1984, and received the University’s
Medallion of Merit in 1994.
James Taylor Jr., a former Associate Dean and Professor at the School of Law, died
December 16. He was seventy-four.
Quen Taylor (’70), the public address announcer for Wake Forest football and ­
basketball games for twenty years, died December 23. He was fifty-three.
Claud H. Richards Jr., Professor Emeritus of Politics and the founding Chairman of
the Political Science Department, died December 20. He was eighty-four.
John W. “Jack” Nowell, retired Chemistry Professor, died November 21. He was a
member of the faculty from 1945 to 1987 and chaired the Department of Chem-
istry from 1962 to 1972. Nowell also served as an Assistant Dean of the College
(with Ed Wilson) for a few years.
Robert Allen Dyer, Religion Professor and Associate Dean of the College, died on
April 14 at the age of eighty-eight. He had retired in 1983 and was a recipient of
the Medallion of Merit award.
James C. O’Flaherty, Professor Emeritus of German, Chair of the Department from
1961 to 1969 and a renowned scholar of 18th-century German literature and
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