44 The History of Wake Forest
professor at Wake Forest. The money went to establish
the Reid-Doyle prize for Excellence in Teaching. The first
recipients of the award were presented at Founders’ Day to
Carole L. Browne (Biology) and Saguiv A. Hadari (Politi-
cal Science). An additional first-time award presented at
Founders’ Day was the Excellence in Research Award. It
was presented to Associate Professors Deborah L. Best
(’70, MA ’72, Psychology) and W. Jack Rejeski (Health
and Sports Science).
Two more Reynolds Professors were named: Maya
Angelou, Professor of American Studies; and John
Wood, Professor of Economics. In addition, K.A.N.
Luther of the Babcock Graduate School of Management
received a Fulbright grant to conduct research in Japan for a year, and Educa-
tion Professor Joe Milner was appointed to the Standing Committee on Teacher
Preparation and Certification of the National Council of Teachers of English. He
received a $50,000 grant from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruc-
tion as well.
A number of other faculty received research grants of more than $10,000 each,
including Dudley Shapere (Philosophy & History of Science) for $18,000 from the
National Science Foundation, Wayne Silver (Biology) for $24,071 from the National
Science Foundation and for $95,750 from the National Institute of Neurological and
Communicative Disorders and Strokes, Mordecai Jaffe (Biology) for $30,000 from
the National Science Foundation, Raymond E. Kuhn (Biology) for $348,000 from the
National Institutes of Health and for $33,220 from Disease Detection International
Incorporated of California.
Furthermore, in other large grant actions, Natalie A. Holzwarth (Physics)
received $21,500 from the National Science Foundation; George M. Holzwarth
(Physics) $10,000 from Research Corporation and $15,000 from the North Carolina
Biotechnology Center; Richard T. Williams (’68, Physics) $22,000 from AMP, Inc.,
and $30,000 from Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.; J. Ned Woodall (Anthro-
pology) $4,200 from the Department of the Army and $59,853 from the Corps of
Engineers; Robert L. Utley (’71) $100,000 from the National Endowment for the
Humanities and $20,000 from the North Carolina Humanities Committee; Charles F.
Jackels (Chemistry) $22,809 from NASA; Deborah L. Best (’70, MA ’72, Psychology)
and Rosalind M. Vaz (Pediatrics) $45,256 from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Venture Grant; and Linda B. Robertson (Anthropology) $18,023 from the Institute
of Museum Services.
Administration and Staff
As the University’s chief administrator, President Hearn indicated in his second
annual report that of the three primary aspects of University planning—academic,
financial, and physical—he was most concerned about academic and student space,
i.e., the physical aspect. To coordinate efforts and to unify information distribution,
Rhoda Bryan Billings
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