600 The History of Wake Forest
Casa Artom Residential Professors
Fall 1983 Charles Talbert Religion
Spring 1984 Patricia Johansson English
Fall 1984 Paul Kaplan Art
Spring 1985 James Barefield History
Fall 1985 Ralph Kennedy Philosophy
Spring 1986 Stewart Carter Music
Fall 1986 Harry Titus Art
Spring 1987 Robert Ulery Classical Languages
Fall 1987 Byron Wells Romance Languages
Spring 1988 Jack Fleer Politics
Fall 1988 Lee Potter English
Spring 1989 Donald Schoonmaker Politics
Fall 1989 James Barefield History
Spring 1990 Ralph Kennedy Philosophy
Fall 1990 Patricia Johansson English
Spring 1991 Louis Goldstein Music
Fall 1991 Thomas Phillips Scholarships
Spring 1992 David Broyles Politics
Fall 1992 John Andronica Classical Languages
Spring 1993 Deborah Best Psychology
Fall 1993 Charles Kennedy Politics
Spring 1994 Jennifer Sault Romance Languages
Fall 1994 James Barefield History
Spring 1995 Peter Kairoff Music
Fall 1995 Steve Messier Health and Exercise
Spring 1996 Robert Ulery Classical Languages
Fall 1996 Ralph Kennedy Philosophy
Spring 1997 Carole Browne Biology
Fall 1997 Tom Phillips Admissions/
Spring 1998 Antonio Vitti Romance Languages
Fall 1998 Alan Williams History
Spring 1999 Bernadine Barnes Art
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