Award for Excellence in Advising
1988 Carl V. Harris, Classical Languages
1989 Peter Weigl, Biology
1990 Carl C. Moses, Politics
1991 Edgar D. Christman, University Chaplain
1992 Lula M. Leake, Assistant Vice President, and Herman E. Eure, Biology
1993 John L. Andronica, Classical Languages
1994 Catherine T. Harris, Sociology
1995 Larry E. West, German/Russian, and Phil Falkenberg, Psychology
1996 James P. Barefield, History, and Harry B. Titus Jr., Art
1997 Jean Kimmer, Registrar’s Office, and Robert W. Ulery, Classical Languages
1998 Leo Ellison Jr., Health and Exercise Science
1999 Mary Lynn Redmond, Education
2000 Hugo C. Lane, Biology
2001 Helen W. Akinc, Calloway School of Business and Accountancy
2002 Elmer K. Hayashi, Mathematics, and Anne Boyle, English
2003 James T. Powell, Classical Languages, and Kathy B. Smith, Political Science
2004 Helga A. Welsh, Political Science, and Leah P. McCoy, Education
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