The Alumni Association/Schoonmaker Faculty
Prize for Community Service
1989 Ivey Gentry
1990 J. Edwin Hendricks
1991 Marcellus Waddill
1992 John Earle
1993 The Alumni Association Faculty Prize for Community Service was
renamed in 1993 in honor of Donald O. Schoonmaker, a professor of
politics, who died the previous spring. The first Schoonmaker Award was
given posthumously to Donald O. Schoonmaker in 1993.
1994 Deborah L. Best
1995 Richard Barnett
1996 Donald Frey
1997 Howell Smith
1998 John Litcher
1999 Peter Weigl
2000 Willie Pearson
2001 Richard Sears
2002 Andrew Ettin
2003 Thomas Taylor
2004 Charlie Richman
2005 Stephen Boyd
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