68 The History of Wake Forest
all-time high membership of 762. The College Fund increased by 23 percent to a new
record of $1.49 million, surpassing the 1986–1987 goal of $1.35 million. In a July 23,
1987, letter to Joseph Branch, President Hearn stated: “Total University fundraising
last year reached $22 million excluding the RJR-Nabisco gift. This includes $13 mil-
lion for the Reynolda Campus and $9 million at Bowman Gray. This is, of course, the
best year in our history, but totals this year are ahead again.”
On the other hand, trustees raised tuition 9.9 percent, a $650 increase, at
their January 24 meeting. Tuition was set at $7,250 for the 1987–1988 school year,
and overall expenses for on-campus students were estimated to be approximately
$11,000. Tuition for the Graduate School was the same, and tuition for the Law
School was $8,200; for the Babcock Graduate School of Management, tuition was
$9,300; and for the School of Medicine, $10,500. Hearn defended the sharp hike in
tuition by stating that much of it would be used to increase salaries for instructors
and assistant professors; overall, salaries constituted about two-thirds of the Univer-
sity’s annual budget.
The December 8 issue of People magazine cited Wake Forest as one of ten “value-
packed schools,” describing it as “one of the most heavily endowed coed universi-
ties in America” and having particularly strong departments of history, English, and
The University’s commitment to the Winston-Salem community was under-
scored when Don Meredith and Dinah Shore visited the campus on Wednesday,
September 24, to kick off the United Way campaign. President Hearn chaired the
campaign for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.
In alumni affairs, H. Dean Propst (’56), Chancellor of the University System of
Georgia, and Jan McQuere McDonagh (’64), Associate Professor of Pathology
at Harvard Medical School and known internationally for her research on blood
disease, were awarded the Distinguished Service Citation by the Alumni Associa-
tion on October 3.
Trustee Wayne Calloway and Student Government President
Steve LaMastra celebrate over a cup of Pepsi
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