Johann Nestroy:
Aphorisms, Ditties, and Deliberations
From His Plays
Translations by Herbert Czermak
Heute ist Tag der Lyrik
O Knute, o Knute!
Die schwingen man tute,
Machst Wirkung sehr gute
Bei frevelndem Mute.
Was dem Kinde die Rute,
Ist dem Volke die Knute;
Du stillest die Wute
Rebellischem Blute.
Das alles, das tute
Die Knute, die Knute!
Weshalb ich mich spute,
In einer Minute
Poetischer Glute
Schrieb ich an die Knute
Dies Gedichtchen, dies gute!
Today is Poetry Day
O Cane, O Cane!
Throughout thy reign
Thou hast wrought great pain
With thy swishes like rain.
Yet these strokes, mighty Cane,
Are not always a bane
But sometimes a gain:
It would be in your domain
To blot out one more stain:
O come down once again
On my vicious Great Dane!
All this I explain
In such a poetic vein
´cause my basic refrain
Is still I remain
Yours truly!
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