About the Translator
Born in Vienna in 1937, Herbert Czermak grew up in the
U.S. occupation zone after WW II, which spawned his
early fascination with English (he desperately wanted to
understand the GI ́s) and History (why they were there in
the first place). He came to a small college in Florida in
1957, where the dean referred him to the Phys Ed
Department because of Gymnasium on his transcript; he
left with a B.A. in English. Upon receiving his M.A.
from the University of New Hampshire (1961) he
returned to Vienna to start as a language trainer and
translator. He earned his doctorate in Contemporary
History from the University of Vienna (1976) and retired
from its Institute of Translation in 2002. He has taught
Austrian History and Literature for numerous junior-
year-abroad programs, currently Wake Forest University
and Hope College.
He lives in the 17th (Hernals) district of Vienna with his
spouse, Marianne.
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