My thanks go to Rudi Bretschneider, who enjoys lacing
his articles and lectures with Nestroy aphorisms,
occasionally wondering how they might sound in
English and thus giving me bilingual ideas in the first
place; to Elke Hatch for several linguistic tidbits but
basically for her reaction to Nestroy, demonstrating that
his world is not any easier to unravel for somebody
hailing from North Germany than from North America;
to my wife Marianne for her patience with my less than
modest electronic expertise; and especially to Kent
Canzoneri, who has kept me from falling off many
a linguistic tightrope.
Without Tom Phillips´s enthusiastic early support and
Bill Kane´s ingenious technical “snazzifying“ of my
efforts, Nestroy´s world would still be pretty much
limited to the German-speaking world.
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