and president of the Ithaca Council of Social
Agencies. She later was appointed temporary, and
then elected permanent, chairman of the Tompkins
County Board of Supervisors’ Commission of
Human Relations. She was also on the Advisory
Committee for Equal Educational Opportunity of
the New York State Teachers Association in 1968.
Brother Galvin was a member of Gamma
Chapter (Virginia Union University) and served as
president of Chi Chapter (Meharry Medical
College). During his residence in Ithaca, he served
as the keeper of Alpha Chapter—keeping it active
during periods in which there were no Alpha Phi
Alpha brothers on campus. He appears to have
managed the accounts or was treasurer of the
chapter from 1954 through 1956. He was awarded a
Senior Meritorious Service Award at the 74th
Anniversary Convention in Chicago, Illinois, in
1980. He entered Omega Chapter in April 1988 and
is buried in East Lawn Cemetery in Ithaca, New
James H. Morton
Records suggest that James Morton was
born about 1882 and hailed from West Virginia to
parents who were both from that state. Brother
Morton worked as a headwaiter at Stage College,
overseeing student workers, to support himself
while at Cornell University. He was recommended
for membership in the early Cornell social study
club that evolved into the literary society and
ultimately the Fraternity. This membership occurred
despite the fact that, according to Wesley, Brother
Morton was not “officially” a Cornellian. His name
was added to the list of first initiates initiated on 30
October 1906, though Brother Morton was not
subjected to the formal initiation. Brother Morton
remained active in Alpha Phi Alpha meetings.
Records suggest that he graduated from Cornell in
1908. Records also suggest that by 1910 he had
married Martha S. Morton, who was four years his
junior; they lived in Baltimore, Maryland. Martha,
whose parents had been born in Maryland, was
born in 1886.
Edward M. Newton
There are a number of historical
discrepancies in the records on Edward M. Newton.
Records suggest that he was born about 1860 in
either Virginia or New York. His father was born in
Virginia; his mother was born in either Virginia or
in Cuba. While listed as mulatto in the 1880 United
States Census, Mr. Newton is listed as white in 1920
and Negro in 1930. In 1880, he was employed as a
janitor and the members of his Ithaca, New York,
household included Norman S. Dennis (47), Helen
M. Dennis (45), Lula S. Dennis (20), and Fred H.
Dennis (17). Mr. Newton resided at 73 North
Albany Street in Ithaca until about 1890. He moved
to 421 North Albany Street and changed his job to
steward around 1919. He married Lulu S. Newton
in 1920. At that time, other residents in his
household included Edward M., Jr. (25) and
Norman D. Newton (17). Mr. Newton hosted an
early organizational meeting for Alpha Phi Alpha at
his residence at 421 North Albany Street in 1905.
His home also served as the residence for Charles
Cardoza Poindexter during his years at Cornell.
Morgan T. Phillips
Morgan T. Phillips attended Cornell
University in 1905 but did not graduate. While at
Cornell, Phillips resided at 411 East State Street,
one of the early meeting places for Alpha Phi
Alpha. Mr. Phillips was one of the original students
who met to organize a fraternity in 1905 and later
became a member of the social study club.
Charles Cardozo Poindexter
Charles Cardoza Poindexter was born 10
March 1880 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, to
Joseph A. and Lucy Jordan Poindexter, who were
born in Ohio and West Virginia, respectively. He
attended West Virginia Colored Institute and then
earned a B.S. in agriculture from Ohio State
University in 1903 and an M.S. in agriculture from
Cornell University in January 1907. While at
Cornell, Mr. Poindexter was a graduate student in
the department of agronomy. He took the lead in
organizing the Literary Society and Social Study
Club that evolved into Alpha Phi Alpha by calling a
meeting at his place of lodging, the home of
Edward Newton. Mr. Poindexter served as
president of the Social Study Club, but resigned
from his post in 1906 when it was decided that the
organization would become a fraternity.
Mr. Poindexter married Florence (Newton)
Poindexter. Florence’s father had been born in
Virginia; her mother was born in New York. In
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