James P. Boags
Research suggests that there was a
“mullato” gentleman named Jamie Percy Boags
who attended Cornell University from 1907 to
1909. He was born in Washington, D.C., on 4
March 1888 to Charles A. and Joycie B. Boags, born
in South Carolina and Virginia, respectively. He
graduated from the M Street High School, and then
enrolled at Cornell University’s College of Arts and
Sciences. According to Fraternity history, Brother
Boags was initiated at the Second Annual Banquet
on 26 October 1907.
Research also suggests, however, that he
entered Omega Chapter in New York, New York,
on 10 September 1910. He was listed on the
Fraternity’s role at the Fifth Initiatory Banquet in
November 1920 as “recently deceased.”
James Lawrence Brown
James Lawrence Brown, the son of two
native New Yorkers, was born around 1883 in New
York. In 1910, he lived in Ithaca, New York, at the
residence of with Esther A. Castallane (51) and
Hattie Branch (5). Brother Brown worked as a
janitor. He was initiated into the Fraternity at the
Third Annual Banquet on 31 October 1908.
Brother Brown attended Cornell University
between 1908 and 1911. He graduated from Cornell
in 1909 with a bachelor of laws degree. He appears
to have graduated from Cornell Law School with an
L.L.B. degree in 1911.
Joseph Russell Fugett
Joseph Russell Fugett was born 17 June
1890 in Baldwinsville, New York; his father, Joseph
M., was a former slave in the state of Tennessee,
and his mother, Josephine E., was from New York.
He was raised in Waterloo, New York, where he
graduated from Waterloo High School. In 1900,
Brother Fugett lived with his parents and siblings—
Frank M. (23), Bessie J. (20), James K. (14), and
Sarah E. (2 months) in Van Buren, New York. He
studied agriculture at Cornell University and
graduated in 1912. In 1915, he lived in Seneca Falls,
New York, with his wife, Hazel E. (21) and his
father. By 1917 and 1918, he lived in Trenton, New
Jersey, at 316 Monmouth Street. In 1920, he, his
wife, and his son, Joseph Jr. (2), lived in Kent,
Brother Fugett went on to be a teacher and
public education administrator in West Chester,
Pennsylvania, for many years. He served as principal
of the all-black Gay Street School from 1920 to
1955. In 1930, he lived in West Chester with his
wife and sons, Joseph Jr. (12) and Jean S. (2). In
1942, he and his family lived in West Chester at 120
East Miner Street. Upon his retirement in June
1965, the school board passed a resolution
renaming the Gay Street School after Brother
Fugett in honor of his many years of dedicated
service. That school closed in the 1980s; however,
the honorary name was transferred to what was
then East Junior High School and is now the J. R.
Fugett Middle School.
Brother Fugett was an initiate at Alpha
Chapter Annual Banquet on 31 October 1908. He
was the Treasurer at the Fourth General
Convention and also acted as an incorporator when
the Fraternity was incorporated on 3 April 1912. He
served as General Secretary from 1912 to 1913.
Brother Fugett entered Omega Chapter in 1975.
Roscoe Conkling Giles
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