Moses Alvin Morrison
Moses Alvin Morrison was born on 3 April
1880 in Virginia to Alexander and Leanna
Morrison. He earned his undergraduate degree from
Howard University. General President Morrison
was ultimately trained and became a practicing
dentist. In 1920, General President Morrison
married Laura F. Morrison. They lived in Richland,
Ohio, with their daughter, Kathryn A. Morrison.
Unfortunately, by 1940, his wife died, and General
President Morrison was raising his daughter in
Wheeling, West Virginia.
General President Morrison was a charter
member of Beta Chapter (Howard University) and
initiated on 20 December 1907. Three additional
chapters—Epsilon at the University of Michigan,
Zeta at Yale University, and Eta at Columbia
University—were established during his year in
office as the first General President of the
Fraternity. General President Morrison also
advocated for the creation of a more permanent
organization for alumni members and urged the
General Organization to develop a “closer relation”
with this body of the membership. As the first
General President, he delivered the first recorded
Annual Fraternal Address in 1912 (Raymond
Cannon was in attendance) at the Fifth General
Convention in Columbus, Ohio. He entered Omega
Chapter on 6 November 1957 and was buried in
Wheeling, West Virginia.
Roscoe Conkling Giles
[See biography under Alpha Chapter Initiates]
Frederick Harris Miller
Frederick H. Miller was born on 16 January
1888 in Round Lake, Mississippi. As a child,
General President Miller lived with his seamstress
mother named Josephine, his two sisters, and his
brother. For his high school education, he first
attended Stringer Academy in Friars Point,
Mississippi, followed by the public schools of
Baltimore, Maryland. General President Miller
pursued courses of study at Howard University and
Oberlin College, but completed his educational
training at the University of Michigan. He graduated
with a bachelor’s degree from the Literary College
in 1910. He later entered the law department in
1911. After college, he gained business success as a
buyer and planter of cotton in Mississippi. General
President Miller served as president of the People’s
Brick Company in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, and
was on the board of directors for the Solvent
Savings Bank in Memphis, Tennessee. He was also
elected delegate to the National Republican
Convention in June 1920.
General President Miller was a charter
member of Epsilon Chapter at University of
Michigan in 1909. It was during Brother Miller’s
term as the third General President that the
Fraternity’s first graduate chapter, Alpha Lambda,
was organized in Louisville, Kentucky. At the
Fraternity’s Sixty-Fifth Anniversary Convention in
1971 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, General President
Miller was the Anniversary Convention Speaker and
received an Honorary Life Membership. He later
served as alumni chairman in Mound Bayou,
General President Miller married Mound
Bayou’s Maria Green. He entered Omega Chapter
on 30 June 1985 in Mound Bayou, Mississippi.
Charles Herbert Garvin
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