Henry Arthur Callis
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William M. Thorne
William M. Thorne graduated from the
University of Michigan. He worked as the official
registrar for Star Service in Michigan. In that
position, he earned $900 in 1907 and $1800 in 1909.
Brother Thorne was a charter member of Epsilon
Chapter (University of Michigan) on 10 April 1909,
along with Brothers George J. Clark, William H.
Dickson, N. A. Dodson, Eugene J. Marshall,
Augustus G. Purvis, Stephen D. Sparks, and
Augustus A. Williams. He was elected the
Fraternity’s General Vice President at the Second
General Convention in 1909.
George W. C. Scott
George W.C. Scott graduated from
Columbia University in 1909. In the spring of 1909,
Brother George W. C. Scott sent a letter on behalf
of the Columbia Organization to establish an Alpha
Phi Alpha chapter at Columbia University. He
became one of Eta Chapter’s charter members on 5
June 1909, along with Brothers Shelton H. Bishop,
Ralph H. Young, George Clayton, C. T. A. French,
J. D. Jones, Henry Walter, and H. W. Hammond.
Brother Scott was elected General Vice President at
the Third General Convention in 1910. He
participated in the reception on 3 June 1910 given
by Eta chapter. He would go on to “render[]
unusual service in keeping alive the interests of the
fraternity” during the year of 1911. As the
representative of the Fraternity, he wrote a letter
that was read aloud in his absence at the Fourth
General Convention on 27 December 1911. He also
composed a song for the Fraternity.
Leon S. Evans
Leon S. Evans was born in Pennsylvania.
He graduated from the University of Michigan and
ultimately from Western Reserve Medical School on
16 June 1921. He went on to practice medicine in
Cleveland, Ohio. Brother Evans worked on the
staff of the Maternity Hospital and Baby Dispensary
of Western Reserve University. He also worked as a
faculty demonstrator at the tuberculosis clinic
Central High Bath House as well as in pediatrics.
Brother Evans also worked on the staff of Lakeside
Hospital. During his era, his diagnosis of Addison’s
disease proved of such importance that Brother
Evans was requested to present on the topic before
the Academy of Medicine. The diagnosis was
considered somewhat of a feat by the physicians of
the Academy due to its rarity among black people.
Brother Evans was initiated into Epsilon
Chapter at University of Michigan. He attended the
Fourth General Convention in December 1911 at
the Epsilon Chapter House, located at 1017
Katherine Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was
elected General Vice President at the Fourth
General Convention. He would go on to serve as
one of the incorporators of the Fraternity’s national
incorporation on 3 April 1912 under the laws of the
United States Congress. Additionally, Brother
Evans served as an officer for the first alumni
reunion in connection with the Fourth Annual
Convention. He attended the eighth General
Convention in December 1915. During the
Sixteenth General Convention, he sang a special
selection entitled “Alpha Phi Alpha,” which was
sung to the tune of “Juanita” at the annual Public
Session in the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.
Brother Evans affiliated with Pi Chapter (Western
Reserve University), serving as chapter president in
Brother Evan owned a home valued at
$7500 in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1930, he shared the
home with his wife, Juanita, and his mother-in-law,
Minnie B. Quinn. Juanita was an Ohio native and
worked as a schoolteacher. Brother Evans was also
a member of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity.
Raymond Winfred Cannon
[See biography under General Presidents]
Abram Lyon Simpson
Abram Lyon Simpson was born in
Louisville, Kentucky in 19 April 1894 to James E.
and Lydia A. Simpson, both of Pennsylvania. In
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