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Peyton F. Anderson
Peyton F. Anderson was born in Virginia in
1890. He pursued his preliminary education in the
public schools and high schools of Shelton,
Connecticut. He graduated from New York Medical
College and Flower Hospital in 1913. He then
completed post-graduate work at the University of
Vienna, Austria, from 1913 to 1914. He was
licensed to practice in New York and was a
Connecticut-made active honorary member in 1918.
Additionally, he was a member of the Odd Fellows,
Masons, K of P, COS Committee, and Harlem
Tuberculosis Committee. He was also president of
the Harlem Institute of Tuberculosis and health
speaker for New York Tuberculosis Association,
Brother Anderson was president of Eta
Chapter (Columbia University). He called to order
the Seventeenth Annual Convention and
established the Eta Chapter with appropriate
ceremonies in 1925. The Eta Chapter is the biggest
chapter in Alpha Phi Alpha, entertaining the biggest
convention ever held by the Fraternity. Brother
Anderson was also elected Second Vice President at
the Seventeenth Convention. He served as the
Second Vice President in 1925 to 1926, as well as
the Eastern Region Vice President. He was the
immediate past president of the Eta Chapter in
On 13 October 1926, Brother Anderson
established the Alpha Lambda Chapter (Montclair,
New Jersey). He helped to organize the Alpha Psi
Chapter (Lincoln University) of Alpha Phi Alpha on
23 December 1926. Brother Anderson was also one
of the brothers who signed the charter for the
Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter, organized on 23
December 1926 in New York City. He was the
second Vice President of the Nineteenth
Convention. He also served on the Executive
Council in 1927. As chairman of the Committee on
Delinquent Chapters, he held all chapters
accountable by urging them to tighten up and “pass
off the stage as an effective organization.”
Brother Anderson also formed the Nile
Club of Newark, New Jersey, and the nearby
vicinity. He acted as temporary chairman during the
organizing of the club and gave from his ever-ready
store some very suggestive ideas and a very
inspiring talk. Brother Anderson married Charlotte
E. Brooks on 26 May 1915 in Manhattan, New
York. He and his wife share two daughters named
Thema and Charlotte.
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