James W. McGregor
[See biography under First Vice Presidents]
D. L. Brown
D. L. Brown was a member of the Kappa
Chapter (Ohio State University). He was elected the
General Third Vice President during the Fraternity’s
sixteenth administration.
James A. Scott
James A. Scott was the first colored student
to be elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa in
the history of the University of Kansas. He
graduated from Harvard College with a degree of
A.M. in June 1920. He received the Phi Beta Kappa
key from the University of Kansas and proved his
right to it through his enviable record established in
a year of graduate work in English. He also
authored The Modern Philosophy of Education.
Brother Scott served as honorary historian
and president of the Epsilon Lambda Chapter in St.
Louis, Missouri. He attended the Fifteenth Annual
Convention in St. Louis from 27 December to 31
December of 1922 as delegate and worked on the
Resolutions Committee of the first session. There,
he rendered excellent reports of his stewardship.
Brother Scott was then elected Third Vice President
in 1925 at the Seventeenth Convention. He later
gave the welcome address at the Twenty-Sixth
Peyton F. Anderson
[See biography under Second Vice Presidents]
Robert Prentiss Daniel
Robert Prentiss Daniel was born on 2
November 1902 on the campus of Virginia State in
Ettrick, Virginia. His family roots began in Louisa
County, Virginia. He graduated magna cum laude as
valedictorian of his class from Virginia Union
University in 1924 with a B.A. in education. He
then obtained his master’s degree and doctorate at
Teachers College. He earned his Ph.D. in
educational psychology from Columbia University.
During the summers of 1943 and 1946, he
completed his post-doctoral studies in bible at the
Union Theological Seminary in New York. He
became a math instructor at Virginia Union
University in 1924 while supervising the
establishment of the Norfolk division of Virginia
Union University. He was president of Shaw
University from 1936 to 1950. He was also elected
the fifth president of Virginia State University in
December 1949.
Brother Daniel was also a member of the
Delta Sigma Chi National Debating Fraternity. He
was an officer in the Boys Department, Richmond
Y.M.C.A., the B.Y.P.U., Council of Richmond, and
various literary clubs. He was also a Baptist minister
and the assistant to the clerk of the Ebenezer
Baptist Church of Richmond. He also worked as a
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