OpenCourseWare Repositories
OpenCourseWare Consortium (
Materials from more than 4,400 courses in English from institutions of higher education
around the world, including MIT, UC Irvine, Notre Dame, and others from the US and
around the world.
Open Learning Initiative (
Effort from Carnegie Mellon University, built upon a nice LMS. Comes with built-in
analytics and feedback for students. Easily remix courses into new ones. Can integrate
with Sakai, but with some effort.
Open Yale Courses (
Lectures and other materials from selected Yale College courses.
OpenCourseWare Finder (
An aggregate search tool for a number of OCW repositories
What are Open Textbooks?
Like other OER, Open Textbooks are produced to be free of charge, modifiable, and easily shared.
An increasing number of Open Textbooks are peer-reviewed, and they’re all aimed at decreasing
costs for college students while simultaneously opening up opportunities for learning on a global
Open Textbook Efforts
OpenStax College (
OpenStax “free textbooks are developed and peer-reviewed by educators to ensure they are
readable, accurate, and meet the scope and sequence requirements of your course.”
Flat World Knowledge (
Customizable, peer-reviewed textbooks written by experts. Also a publishing platform for
textbook authors. Lots of distribution options, including inexpensive print copies. (As of 2013, no
longer free, but still philosophically in line with OER.)
College OpenTextbooks (
Over 500 open texts, at least 100 peer-reviewed.
Directory of Open Access Books (
Aimed at increasing discoverability of OA books.
University of Minnesota Open Textbooks (
Open textbooks reviewed by University of Minnesota faculty.
(Somewhat related) Boundless (
Free, highly modifiable learning environment built upon OER and other open content. Builds
books around TOC of existing books, which as landed them in some lawsuits with publishers.
(Also somewhat related) Internet Archive Texts Collection (
Loads and loads of open source and/or open access/public domain texts. Amazing collection.
For fun: LIB100 Textbook (
An open access textbook for ZSR’s information literacy course, “Accessing Information
in the 21st Century”
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