Emotional There were things from my own
childhood and life that needed attention and working out.
Because I am a female, parenting daughters was a more direct
path to doing so.
Spiritual While waiting for our first daughter to come
into our family, a friend said these words to me: “This adoption
is more about God changing you than it is about changing the
lives of the children who will enter your family.” Amen to that.
I think that we often spiritualize the practical and
emotional and then just as easily offer practical or emotional
explanation for that which is spiritual. It seems to me that they
all come bound up and intertwined as we travel this planet.
Within a group of Christian adoptive parents, there is
a savior mentality when bringing an orphaned child into our
midst. God forgive me, I had more of that inside of me than I
care to admit or dwell on at this stage of life. People aren’t
saviors and the realities and powers at work are so much more
nuanced, complex, confusing, and full of joy and pain.
Yet I do believe that despite the ways we veer off, twist,
turn, and justify our behaviors and choices, this proverb is
always in motion, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but
it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”1 Despite my own self
and lack of awareness, God is at work.
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