from a place of ignorance and fear. But as I accepted my
personal limitations, I was then free to make changes and live
in healthier relationships within my family. Rather than
becoming defensive and hurt when my husband brings up
delicate or problematic dynamics in our relationship, I am now
able to hear him and talk about it. Instead of carrying anger
toward my parents over things that I wish had been different,
I can now see things from their perspective and enjoy the
relationship that we have. I am now able to offer compassion
to myself as a young inexperienced mom. Each of us was doing
the best we knew to do at the time. And once I knew better, I
could choose to do better.
As I began addressing my need for healthier emotional
expression and connections within intimate relationships, a
good place to begin to relearn and practice was in the area of
feelings. Very soon I was offered various opportunities to
become a student in the classroom of life. “Wilson Emotions
101” was the course offered. I had a lot to learn. The ongoing
invitation to understand my own emotions as well as the
realization of the importance of mirroring the feelings of my
children provided opportunities for this crash course.
I was getting ready to learn how to detect both my own
emotional shifts and the emotional states of my children. One
day as I sat in the familiar waiting room of a family therapist, a
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