could head to the beach or mountains to discuss this book, she
chose to stay home. We had time and space to connect and
enjoy each other on a deeper level than is afforded during the
everydays of life. It was a special time that I will always
Though she rolled her eyes and wasn’t too sure about
discussing this book together, she complied. Interspersed
around the discussion times, we did things we enjoy both
separately and together. We made great memories and shared
deep emotions, as we laughed and connected in significant
ways. “Mothering and Daughtering” provided a structure and
springboard for deeper communication. She got to tell me
what I am doing well and where I can improve. I shared with
her stories of my growing up days and relationships. We binge
watched “Once Upon a Time,” cooked and ate delicious food
together, got green and purple pedicures, and talked about the
specific ways that the two of us can stay connected in days and
years to come.
We took a day trip to a nearby city, hung out with
people we love, and then she indulged her old mama as we
together went to see the show “Three acts, two dancers, one
radio host”. Ira Glass of This American Life is one of my favorite
radio personalities, and seeing him up close and in person was
a delight. Though it wasn’t her favorite evening out, she made
me laugh out loud with her reflections afterward. “I got the
references that were from my century. I think it was intended
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