for people born in the 1900’s.” She did have a point we were
born in different centuries.
On the third day into our retreat, my daughter came
down one morning singing and humming “The Best Day” by
Taylor Swift. This is my very favorite Swift song. It is about a
mom and her daughter, and my girls know that when I hear it,
I am likely to tear up. My heart swelled, and I just soaked in
her musical gift to me without saying a word.
I blogged about this magical five-day retreat, and then
a few days later, I received this text from a dear friend: ”I’ve
spent years trying to get over my sense that who I am is
profoundly disappointing to my mom. What fun it is to read
about a mom seeing her girls as individuals, and working to
foster a deep relationship with them. Keep it up!!” This friend
has a beautiful soul and it is hard for me to imagine who it is
that her mother wishes that she had become.
As my daughter and I read the “Mothering and
Daughtering” book, I was reminded of the importance of
mirroring our children throughout their lives. The authors said
it this way, “Mirroring your daughter [or son] is seeing her
for who she is and reflecting back to her who you see, without
judgment or agenda… [this] communicates, ‘I see you, and I
deeply value who you are and who you are becoming’.”22
What brand new parent holding a newborn baby does
not have hopes and dreams of who this fragile miracle in their
arms will grow up to be? And in the blink of an eye, this baby
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