face to face with raw vulnerability, mortality, and the fact that
life can change in an instant.
After several hours and many negative tests, Dad and
sister arrived. Our precious girl was beginning to fully return
to us. I told her that when her Daddy walked in the door, I
would most likely cry. She understood. As soon as I saw Mark,
it all came out.
In the quiet of the night in that ICU room, I often rose
from my resting spot, put my hand on her beautiful face, and
let the tears wash down my face. Around 4 am, the cervical
collar was removed, and we both relaxed into several hours of
deep sleep. The next afternoon, our precious daughter got up
and walked out of the hospital with her mom right by her side.
Concussion was the diagnosis, and there was not a sore muscle
in her body.
At some point, I realized that I needed to start putting
words to the crashing waves of gratitude that filled my heart
and mind during these days. I started making a list. It included
the fact there were four adults on the scene when this accident
happened. Each of us played a critical role in getting help and
comforting the three young witnesses to this fall. I thanked
God for our miracle and for mulch. The tree from which my
daughter fell stands in a neglected corner of our back yard.
Years of leaf fall and leaves blown into this corner created a
nature pillow for our girl to land upon.
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