I was grateful for all of the personal work I had done
in yoga and meditation. I had practiced remaining present and
calm in the midst of difficulties. This was like a final exam. One
nurse’s encouraging, “I wish all moms could be as calm as you
are” pointed to progress made and the payoff of hard work.
My daughter had also practiced deep breathing and calming
strategies in the midst of anxious times. She was able to access
stillness at critical moments. The intentional work I did around
shifting my parenting paradigm was a gift during the terrifying
hours after the fall. The “you are safe and I am with you”
emphasis was critical to impart to my petrified child who didn’t
even know who I was for a time. Our people cared for us well
during difficult days.
I was even able to be grateful for lice. Forty-eight hours
after the fall, it became obvious that lice were on my children’s
heads. I am a former OCD, over the edge, lice responder.
Having lice was quickly put into proper perspective. After
uttering a few cuss words and a big, “really?!”, we arranged for
a mobile lice buster to come to our home. I felt like a regular
mom dealing with regular kid stuff. That was a gift.
The list could go on and on.
For weeks and months and as each anniversary rolls
around after this fall, I experience an emotional roller coaster -
anxious to weepy to filled with gratitude. When we birth or
adopt children into our hearts and lives, we become extremely
vulnerable. I have heard someone say that being a parent is like
walking around in life with our heart exposed on our sleeve.
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