knowing where it all leads. Our girl decided to write a letter
that we did our best to get in front of those specific individuals
who cared for us so well on our miracle day. This letter goes
out to all who work, serve, heal, and participate in miracles
without intimate and detailed knowledge of the grace that they
impart moment by moment. In reality, that is each one of us.
Dear EMS workers,
Hello. I am the 11-year old girl who fell from the tree,
in her backyard October 17 2014. I am writing this
letter to you because one of my neighbors had to call
you guys and while someone was there, they asked
about me. I am now 12 years old and am doing great.
Of course I am hitting puberty, so I have my emotional
troubles, but it was only a concussion that I have
suffered. I am in the 7th grade and am doing Common
Core 1 (9th grade math) and my grades are just where
I like them. I want to assure you that I am doing great.
Thank you for saving my life (maybe) and for asking
about me. I know it can be hard not knowing how the
people you save are doing due to all the patient
confidentiality and stuff. Thank you again for
wondering and I am glad that I am able to at least fill
you in. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
The girl who fell from the magnolia
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