the many adventures of the family of her imagination. She
seemed to believe that if she spoke her wishes out loud, they
would come true. I had enough information to know that her
dad was not involved in her life. As I encountered her
outrageous stories, my thoughts became, “I wonder what kind
of trauma is going on in her home?” I don’t know the answer
to that question, but I do know that mid-year Danielle told me
one of the only reliable things she ever spoke to me. Her
grandmother had come down from Chicago and soon the two
of them were leaving together and heading north. Leaving her
mom, who despite what pain and suffering had happened in
this relationship, she loved and idolized. I imagined her settling
in with Grandma in a cold and distant place. She offered words
of hope: “I will be back by 4th grade.” That was not how this
story unfolded.
As I interact with strangers and those I barely know,
the lesson is to offer grace and mercy to each one that crosses
my path. I wonder what led that lady to yell hurtful words to
my friend in the grocery store? She certainly wasn’t mindful of
the backstories of others. And what about the lady in front of
the library? What life experience led her to interject herself into
my family on that day? And how about precious Danielle? I bet
my heart would break over the details of her backstory. We just
never know.
During the years that I worked so hard to transform
my parenting paradigm, Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline
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