of that process has at times been painful, but it is
deeply satisfying to see him becoming the man that he
was meant to be. It gives me great pleasure to know
that he has chosen to partner with you in this journey
of life.
Though for many years I was the most important
woman in his life, it is most appropriate and healthy
that you now occupy that space. There is a power shift
that has been in motion since the day that you entered
his life. It brings me great joy to see the love that you
have for one another.
During this season, I have paid particular attention to
those around me who have walked this road before me.
I see and hear stories of mothers of sons who struggle
to let go and of those who travel this road beautifully.
My intention is to emulate the latter. When I stray from
this intent, I invite you to gently remind me of this
letter and commitment to you.
I hope that we can enjoy common interests together
and in the context of our larger family. It is my desire
to be one among your many encouragers and friends.
I wish for you and your husband to laugh each day, to
enjoy life separately and together as you grow up
alongside each other. It is not smooth sailing that I
dream of for you, but a hope that through the joys and
sorrows of life you will experience traveling mercies
and the gentle hand of God.
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