any better now? The look on her face was not a promising one.
I tried to isolate her in case we were dealing with a virus while
also knowing that if that was in fact the verdict, she had been
around all these people for the past twenty-four hours. I hoped
with all my might that she would be able to be a part in her
brother’s most important day. My husband and I huddled to
make contingency plans. We clarified that mother and father
of the groom being present as much as possible was the
primary goal for this day.
Pictures were taken, and she was able to be a part. We
traveled to the church. She and I located restrooms, talked,
wandered, and agonized. I tried to comfort and be steady and
realistic. It was emotionally draining. It would be devastating
for her to miss the wedding or the reception, or both. Our
family really likes to eat and dance and celebrate together…
And then, I had clarity. We made one last dash to the
bathroom. This was definitely a stomach bug. Once I leaned
into what was and quit straining for what I wished to be, calm
came over me, the mother of the groom. Our dear and gracious
sister and brother-in-law took her to their hotel room. She was
in good hands. I was relieved. As much as I wanted her there,
now I could be fully present for our son. And the wedding
It was beautiful and poignant and my heart swelled
with love for this boy who was entrusted to our care for such
a short time. He heard words of wisdom, spoke powerful
vows, and made and received promises as this new family was
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