unpredictable happen. A benefit of letting go of that which we
cannot control is a more peace-filled walk through life.
Despite the twists and unexpected detours along this
weekend, we still experienced great joy and true family,
permeated with hope and the beauty of new beginnings. I
believe this is an accurate picture of life, particularly life in
partnership with another. There will be times of exhilaration
and contentment coupled with periods of pain and unexpected
As I reflected on the many aspects of this wedding
weekend, I was instructed and inspired. To each of my children
as they partner up and form families, I offer this blessing:
When things go a little bit or a great deal awry and the
unexpected shows up in your days and years ahead, I wish you
grace in each moment. I hope that you know true love and joy
all along the way. I echo these words that were sung as I
experienced an emotional mother-son dance: “There was
nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our
name.”28 I am most honored to be family with you.
As the day approached for our middle son to exchange
marriage vows with his fiancée, I received an email request
from Sybil, the mother of the bride. She had a special wish.
Her desire was for us to assemble a basket together. She
wanted to fill it with favorite items representing each of our
individual families as well as some that symbolized our
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