was the person who first gently and kindly pointed out to me
that it would be helpful to our family dynamic if I would begin
to soften as a mom. With a pounding heart and tears in my
eyes, I was able to publicly thank him for being the starting
point for a very long journey toward parenting from a
foundation of grace. I shared that as I stood on the brink of
releasing my painful, hopeful, redemptive story out into the
world, I was so very grateful for his words spoken to me in
love over seventeen years ago.
As our group was breaking up to go home, my pastor,
Lisa, came up to me and said that my story had really touched
her. I looked into her face and with authenticity said to her, “I
feel like I have been wandering in a wilderness for a long time.
But tonight, I feel like I have found home.”
On three different occasions, Mark and I brought a
baby son home from the hospital to join our family. Twice, we
brought a toddler daughter into our home after a twenty-four
hour flight from China. In reality, becoming Mom to each of
these individual and beautiful souls brought me home. It is a
home that is filled with grace and joy - a space filled with both
external and internal freedom. I am home.
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