for my children, and for others. And to Eva, thank you feels a
bit shallow. I have tremendous gratitude for you. I would not
be living this abundant life without you.
Throughout my life I have experienced over and over
the gift of friendship. Thank you to each and every one of you.
In particular, thank you to Kim for always believing in me; to
Martha for understanding the journey and making me laugh; to
Liisa for teaching me grit, literally sweating out the material for
this book, and for walking the pilgrimage alone and together;
to Peggy for always being a safe, accepting place.
Thank you to my “young mom” neighbors Nicole and
Yasmin. Watching you grow as mothers and sharing your
children in the everyday interactions is a joy and delight.
Thanks for being two of my biggest cheerleaders. And thank
you Emily for being my west coast fan and for introducing me
to Circle of Security International.
To each and every one of my blog readers, THANK-
YOU. You have loved, challenged, and encouraged me along
a five-year journey that led to this book.
Thank you to my Amazing Families fellow adoptive
moms. You set my feet onto the path of this motherhood
transformation. I am looking forward to our ten-year reunion.
Thank you to my Better Together sisters. You taught
me to breathe in, “grace received” and breathe out, “grace
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