by step. It is like running through a field.” A vision of myself
running through a grassy, flower filled place with hair flowing
in the wind came to mind. This was radically different than the
messages I had absorbed around relationship with the divine
and “God’s will.” I had taken to heart a relationship that was
full of striving and effort on my part coupled with a fear that
any misstep would lead to a holy zap from above. “Like
running through a field” offered a stark contrast, and this idea
pricked a hopeful possibility. I glimpsed the prospect of
freedom, joy, and fulfillment as this word picture captured my
imagination. A vision of a God who laughed and delighted in
me while I ran through this field with abandon was painted.
Such a connection with God seemed so elusive to me, yet it
was quite seductive. That was the kind of faith experience my
heart desired.
This grace-laden perspective created a small opening
within my heart. Maybe there was another way to experience
faith and do life. I don’t have to be a repeater. Though there
would be many years and much hard work required before
significant shift happened, this was a starting point. “Like
running through a field” often whispered to my parched soul
and offered hope as I sought to make peace within and
There is an Old Testament oft repeated message that
falls in the category of “I really wish the Bible didn’t say that.”
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