home country of Ireland would not allow it. The volunteers
wrote passionately of this girl and described her as full of life
and spunk, with a twinkle in her eye. “She sounds like the
perfect girl for our family” said one of the big brothers. And
indeed she was.
Our oldest son often says something like this, “When
my younger sister entered our family, that was the game
changer.” He has two sisters who are temperamentally about
as different as humanly possible. When it comes to our two
daughters, they are opposite in more ways than one: Introvert
vs extrovert, quiet vs loud, logical vs emotional, and the list
could go on and on and on. In any family, some personalities
blend in and “fit” our expectations, and there are others that
create friction and rub against us. Sometimes the friction
happens because a child is so very much like us, but we don’t
want to acknowledge that. Growth and change rise up in the
midst of friction.
Our youngest child often refers to herself as “the grand
finale.” Before she entered our family, there were less than
functional dynamics in play, but I was not particularly aware of
these or my role in them. No person or situation had yet made
me uncomfortable enough to consider another way. I wasn’t
ready to change. I believe that God is active even in the midst
of our arrogance and ignorance. The grand finale was just what
I needed to learn much about life and grace and myself.
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