parent is unable to raise their child, no matter the reason. I
imagine that God is broken hearted when a child loses her
parents and then suffers and struggles to adjust to a new home.
But despite the turmoil that we as humans create, God is at
work. It seems more authentic to say “God loves redemption.”
My desire is that as my daughters examine their life stories, they
will know a measure of redemption. There is no question that
their entrance into our family was the gateway to true
redemption for me.
Which of us enjoys looking at our own personal dark
sides and being candid about what we find? I don’t. Yet with
experience and practice, I have learned that being real about
and facing my shadow life puts it into perspective. Sharing
shame and regret out loud to myself, my God, and then
sometimes to others is cleansing. Confession is indeed good
for the soul. We aren’t alone. We all have secrets, thoughts, or
actions that would be mortifying to lay bare before others.
One day while sharing breakfast with one of our sons,
he expressed his distaste for hanging out with those who seem
to be “squeaky clean.” “I like people with dirt around the
edges,” he said. The truth is that all of our edges are dirty, but
some of us just work harder to appear clean and sparkly as we
present a pretty package for others to behold. Yet the reality is
that wearing masks is exhausting. I know this first hand. It has
been quite freeing to claim my rightful place among those with
dirt around the edges.
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