a mom, rather than just sending my children to therapy when
things got out of control, I joined in. Our family is a system,
and I play a critical role. Looking back over the last ten years,
it is possibly the single most important gift of self-care that I
have given to myself.
In Ecclesiastes, it says, “Though one may be
overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three
strands is not quickly broken.” I’ve always envisioned God in
that mix of three, but I also know that another person is a part
of that cord as well. Out of love for myself and my family,
when it was time, I sought professional help. I have
experienced deep joy and pain as I explore both struggles and
triumphs with a trusted counselor. It was such a relief to realize
that neither I nor my children need to navigate the bumps in
life alone.
Colliding head on with my physical and emotional
limitations as a human and a mother was a life-giving invitation
to participate in true care of myself. In an almost ten year slow
and steady change of direction, I am well on my way to
discovering that which satisfies. If you had asked me ten years
ago what created passion within Tricia Wilson, I would have
come up empty. I had no idea.
One of my favorite hymn refrains proclaims the
beautiful words, “it is well with my soul”. Though often played
at funerals, it seems that this posture is just as critical for the
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