He apologized. He was trill. He made amends. Resentment that
I felt toward him softened and melted away.
The journey to becoming trill with myself around the
subject of parenting is ongoing. I desire to live into that
Mother’s Day compliment, and I am making slow yet steady
progress. After my physical breakdown, and as I began to pick
up the pieces within our family and find a way forward, I
needed to be honest and real. It was time to put a magnifying
glass up to my role in the struggles happening in my family.
The areas requiring honest inspection were many. My list
included: the parenting roles my husband and I chose,
mothering choices, my emotional challenges, and how a
number of my personal decisions affected my children. In
order to move ahead, I had to own my part.
Much of the parenting advice floating around, and
certainly the ideas most proclaimed within evangelical
Christendom, address the how-to and specific formulas for
making a child’s behavior change and adapt to the parent’s
wishes. I have come across very little that puts the burden of
change upon the parent in order to have healthy family
interactions. Because my old go-to parenting formulas were
breaking down, I had to find a new way to interact with my
children. Introspection and genuine soul searching were in
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