As most thoughtful human beings will acknowledge,
true change is hard work and does not happen overnight. But
I have been able to change, grow, and reorient my parenting
mindset as well as practices. In many ways, the writing of this
book is a great big owning of my part. If I did not take time
and energy to closely examine how my very own history,
choices, and actions affect those that I love most, I would just
bumble along through life unintentionally hurting people all
along the way. I would continue to passively choose unhealthy
ways to cope and deal, and I would miss out on so much joy. I
wholeheartedly believe that beauty can come from ashes. I
have seen it with my own eyes. But this beauty is one that has
required a great deal of intention and mindfulness. Unlike the
beauty we can all access in nature, this type requires a
willingness to labor and commit to a long haul journey. This
journey has led me to a number of surprising places.
A grief and a gift
During raw encounters with myself as mother in a sacred dance
with a hurting child, a turning point was birthed. It sent me on
a quest for the many and varied supports and healing paths we
need to live as a whole and healthy family. Coming to a place
of utter brokenness and vulnerability as mom and human being
was the first step in a journey that is both a grief and a gift. I
imagine that any parent who navigates life with a child who is
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