pearls around the neck


catherine beeckman


pearls around the neck

An anthology of stories, poems, essays,
Interviews, and testimonies,
written by women around the globe,
and compiled by Catherine Beeckman


Catherine Beeckman was born in Belgium in 1962.
As a child and teen-ager, she lived in many different countries hence most of her
memories are deeply rooted in Africa and South America.
Catherine graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium in 1983
with a degree in Semiology. After graduation, she continued her travels and
subsequently lived in eleven different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and the
Americas. Her enduring love for languages, culture and people has allowed her
to learn and teach languages in distinct educational institutions all over the world.
In addition, she has been driven to work with a variety of charitable organizations
in each country where she has resided. Catherine is married, she has five
children ranging in age from five to twenty three who have chosen her life style,
travelling and studying all around the planet.

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