“Pearls” is an anthology, which comprises tales, poems, essays, stories, testimonials, and quotes…words
pronounced by women around the world and entrusted to me to publish today.
These words, and their different tonalities, mirror in many delicate touches the various facets of the
world of women.
I threaded together the texts that were submitted to me as though they were gems, each representing
the specific spark, dark area, opacity or transparency of womanhood. The pearls presented here
aren’t exhaustive, for there are as many expressions of womanhood as there are women. This book is
therefore, by definition, unfinished; this book is open, whereas a necklace has a clasp.
Other pearls will be threaded onto the necklace over time.
A storyteller is only a dead voice when there is no active audience, and his or her words will go
unheeded if they are not followed by action. Likewise, this book will not truly exist without a gesture
on the readers’ part.
“Pearls” is at everyone’s disposal and is generously offered to all those who, their curiosity aroused,
wish to run their eyes over a few lines. After reading, I invite the readers to dedicate some time to
Chapter 15, a section in which they will discover how to add value to the reading. This gesture will be
personal, and will only engage his/her own sense of judgment and altruism. We are, obviously, solicited
on a daily basis by the requirements entailed in our social commitments: donations, foundations, calls
for solidarity, a helping hand, a bank wire transfer, a pittance in a begging hand…
I am proposing a new equation: you receive these pearls, you wear them, you place them in a velvet
case, give them as a present and give something back in return…that is, only if reading this book entices
you to do so.
Share the “Pearls, pass them down.
Thank you.
From the bottom of my heart, for an ecology of the heart.
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