114 pearls around the neck
Lauren: « You married an African American? For real!
Is that difficult here in the South? »
Angel: « I was surprised. The comments and the looks didn’t come from the whites. If I was walking
through the Mall holding hand with my black husband, I got the looks from the African American
Women. And they would say: « Girl! What’s wrong with you marrying a black? You’re making it hard
on you! Is one of yours not good enough? »
Tanita: « Angel, we are a family of African Americans but my Mom, she divorced and married a
white. And she said after our father had beaten her like there was no tomorrow and he was crunk1 for
YEAAAARS and he had abandoned us all for a Ho2 and found a crib in the hood, she would never be
with a black man no more. Now she’s been with that white man and has never been hurt again. »
Lauren: « Really? So what’s that all about? I thought marrying a black man would put you out of the
white community! »
Angel: « Oh yeah! It does! If I were married to an Asian or a Latino, the color would be less visible.
Black is BLACK, that’s the South and even in 2012, it is a DARK color! It’s not the same in New York,
I suppose»
Tanita: « Angel girl! You can’t manage a black man, no you can’t! Fo shizzle3! You gotta be saucy and
We are raised by black women, our grandmothers our mothers, we’ve seen them all dealing with those
Niggers, being abandoned, betrayed, so our ancestor women they taught us! We learned it like this: «
You girl always have a quarter in your shoe so you have at least the money to call Mama from the phone
booth to come and pick you and your children up! » And we are not gonna take the shit! We better be
good at school, have a degree, find a job, try to be independent and only rely on our sisters. You know
how many single black mothers they are here in America? Plus we ain’t having it from them black men
bossing us around acting like pimps, Ugh! We put the rules at home, and they better be following those
damned rules. Where goes the dough going? Who pays the bills? Where and why are you partying so
That’s why that black man married you: he knew he got an easier ticket with you than with one of us!
Maria: « I can’t believe it. Where does that come from? »
Tanita: « Oh, way back when! You see, even on the plantations of cotton or tobacco. The mothers
they were all watching their baby girls from the white men in the house and from the black men in the
fields. And we could make more money too, if working inside the house. Later we were the “Help”,
again inside the House of the White people; raising their children, their babies. We stuck together, a
village in a village. But black men have always been less faithful, less committed, and less protective.
Not all of them, but yeah, same in Africa, I hear! »
Angel: « I hear you…I know I can’t be strong like you, or fight back like you. And if I have to, I can’t
go back home like you black women do. I’ll be in between two cultures and fall between the cracks. »
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